Yuto Ono

Yuto Ono (小野 裕人) 写真

Date of birth: 14th May 1989, Fukuoka City, Kyushu island, Japan Vital statistic : Height: 186cm, 70kg

Yuuto started modeling at the age of 14 years old.

Soon his talents and good looks and natural talents found him on Japan’s TV. He has regularly acted in several weekly dramas.

Currently, Yuuto is popular on internet for his unique art illustrations and performances .

His ‘live’ drawing of people, friends, pets and logos, accompanied by eclectic music continues to attract great attention online. Just how popular is he?

When one of his early creations, the drawing of Colonel Sanders of KFC was uploaded on Instagram, It caught the eye and attention of KFC France Marketing Director. Needless to say, the video was instantly made into an advertisement in France!

Moving forward, Yuuto has successfully collaborated with: • French sunglasses brand “NUNETTES”, • Mega online shopping website “GILT Group”, • Sanrio Kitty (Hello Kitty) • Music label “AVEX TRIPLANE”, Live bands memorabilia • American contemporary artist Rolland Berry, purported to be the 21st century Andy Warhol Breaking new grounds….

His collaboration with famous artists and celebrities resulted in a new wedding phenomenon.

Shonannokaze RED RICE’s “Bridal Opening Movie” was a video illustration of the wedding couple, very different from the typical wedding presentation during reception. Yuuto’s video illustrations made the wedding more entertaining and personal. The guests were captivated by his live drawing of the that merged animation and real life. More and more clients are now coming to him for his innovative bridal presentations.

Yuuto’s growing popularity in Japan, has found walking the catwalk for Asia Collection (2016?) and the biggest Japan fashion event ‘Tokyo Girls Collection 2016’

Not resting on his laurels and accolades, Yuuto is seeking new opportunities in Japan and other countries.

Please do not hesitate to seek Yuuto for any marketing and advertising collaborations or just say Hello!